The Benefits of Massage for Your Skin

Anyone who has had a session with an experienced massage therapist knows how good it can make you feel. Your muscles loosen, your mind calms and pain seems to be reduced. What you may not realize is that your skin also gained benefit from the massage. Here are some ways a massage works to benefit your skin.

Improved Circulation

As the skin tissue begins to relax, circulation becomes easier. The added blood flow to the skin allows it to absorb more nutrition, creating subtler skin. The added nutrition also adds to the natural regenerative properties of the skin. This creates a younger appearance as the dry, dead cells are whisked away, leaving behind new cells.

Improve color and tone

Surface capillaries become larger when massaged. This allows the color to shine through your skin, giving it a rosy appearance. Sweating allows your skin to help rid your body of contaminants that make it appear dull. This can result in a lesser chance of getting infections. 

Scar Reduction

Healthier skin that has adequate circulation and less chance of infection helps scars heal. While they may not disappear, their red color will lessen, creating a situation where the scars are far less visible to the eye.


Not only does the oil used in massage provide moistening, but the elimination of contaminants and dead skin cells will allow your skin to absorb nutrients better. This allows your skin to restore some of its natural moisture.

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